Supplement Information and recommended dosages for building maximum muscle
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Top Rated Bodybuilding Supplements | Best Supplements for Muscle Growth

Top Rated Bodybuilding Supplements

Protein, CreatineArginine, GlutamineBeta-Ecdysterone, Leucine, ZMA......

Unless you are independently wealthy, you are going to have to narrow your supplementation to a few of the most effective supplements.

The following are widely considered the best supplements to gain lean muscle growth:

#1 Protein Supplements

The top, best, highest rated bodybuilding supplement, PERIOD! The very building block of muscle tissue. If you only take one supplement, make it protein! Bodybuilders need to ingest at least 1 -1.5 grams of high quality protein per pound of bodyweight each day! There are many different types of protein supplements to choose from, each having different properties for different uses.

Whey Protein, Beef Protein, Casein Protein, as well as gluten and dairy free proteins such as Hemp Seed Protein , Pea Protein and Rice Protein.

Be sure to get most of your protein each day from whole food sources. Click these links to see how much protein is in chicken, steak, fish & seafood, milk and dairy products.

#2 Creatine Supplements

Creatine is hands down the second best muscle growth supplement. Creatine helps give your muscles more strength and energy during workouts, which translates to more muscle mass! If you are interested in hardcore bodybuilding supplements, take creatine!

#3 Multi-Vitamins

Your body needs all the essential vitamins and minerals in order to use protein efficiently. A good quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement will take care this. Your body cannot run at peak efficiency without the necessary nutrients.

#4 Glutamine Supplements

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, and helps prevent muscle tissue breakdown during and after workouts. This is among the most popular bodybuilding supplements in the amino acid category.

#5 Arginine: Nitric Oxide Boosters

A.K.A. NO2 supplements, this is primarily a supplement containing the amino acid Arginine, which boosts the body's production of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide helps to dilate blood vessels, allowing more nutrients to reach the muscle tissue.

Make sure your muscles are getting enough of these supplements for muscle growth and recovery. They are the most popular supplements for good reason.

There are certainly many other bodybuilding supplements out there that will definitely improve your muscle-building and/or fat loss progress, and you can read about many of them on other pages of this website.

#6 Fat Burning Supplements

Once you get muscle size, you need to lower your bodyfat levels to show them off! Use highly rated fat burning supplements like Green Tea ExtractCarnitine and others listed on this page.

Buying bodybuilding supplements:

When I buy supplements on line, I generally order from one of the following web sites, depending on which has the best overall price on the supplements I want, including shipping cost.

All Star Health also has a great selection, and their prices are better than most other sites, and they have a flat rate shipping charge of $5.95.

Amazon also has a lot, but most people don't think of them as a source for bodybuilding supplements. Prices are great and shipping can be free depending on what you order, especially if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. Amazon is my go-to source for most of my supps, but I always check Allstarhealth first.

A comment on This site has a massive amount of information and great supplement prices. Their shipping speed is second to none, however, they do NOT usually have the best price, especially when you factor in their continually rising shipping prices. You can easily add 10 bucks for shipping on a 5lb tub of protein, and it goes up from there.

Check out all 3 and compare!

I have spent alot of time looking for better prices, but you really won't find anything better than one of these three. If you do, send me an email at!

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